Falsework & Shoring Designs, Inc. is dedicated to providing engineering consulting services, comprehensive engineering studies and designs (including designs for prebid purposes), and expert witness testimony. We have extensive experience with approval requirement for Caltrans, BART, Rail Roads and many other agencies.


F&S furnishes economical falsework designs complete with AutoCAD drawings and substantiating calculations. Our past falsework designs include bridges 6 feet to 60 feet in the air, over rivers and freeways.


F&S designs earth shoring to fit our clients' needs. Sheet piles, soldier piles, concrete walls and trench shores are some typical elements of our shoring designs.


Bridge retrofit projects are F&S's specialty. Besides jacking and support systems, we provide the falsework required for bent cap widening and other concrete work involved in retrofits. Our designs were recently used to support a portion of San Francisco Bay Bridge during the replacement of columns.


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